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With a TV Amplifier you can Boost Digital or Analogue TV, Satellite or FM/DAB Radio signals in weaker signal areas

Your old Analogue Aerial may receive Digital channels, but you may have poor signal quality. See our comprehensive range of Amplifiers & Boosters that could solve your problem.

Included in our range, are a number of Amplifiers/Boosters that will also split the signal, & distribute to other Tv's in your house.

The Digital World Initiative is a research collective specializing in consumer research in the areas of digital games, adoption of technologies, online well-being and intellectual property crime. It undertakes commercial and academic research as well as providing online information services to the research community. Focusing closely on users we have developed a multi-discipline and multi-method approach to academic and commercial research. We explore the links between technology, innovation and consumer practice in order to get to the heart of consumer attitudes, motivations and change.


With our Wireless Distribution systems you can enjoy convenient and error-free transmission of Audio and Video signals to anywhere in the home.

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